Friday, September 5, 2014

ExtrabiomesXL 3.16.a17 - Beta for MC 1.7.10

I'm not going to beat this bush or its adjacent areas any more than necessary. EBXL for 1.7.10 is ready for people to play with.

EbXL 3.16.a17 + MC 1.7.10 + Forge 1180 
The download:
ExtrabiomesXL-universal-1.7.10-3.16.a17.jar (Crafting bug with half slabs)

This is still beta quality, so YMMV. There may be bugs. Not all config options are guaranteed to work. If you have problems or observe any weird glitches, please let us know.

Friday, August 1, 2014

1.7.10 - Super Secret Limited Alpha

After several weeks of occasional headaches, and several long nights of more consistent headaches, there is now a very very buggy 1.7.10 build of EBXL 3.16.alpha in testing.

When I say "very very buggy", you probably imagine something that has bugs. Don't. Imagine something with bugs, but those bugs have bugs. And those bugs are on fire.

But it runs and doesn't crash Minecraft any more (that was fun).

The code on github is mostly current. However, I am not going to provide a link to a compiled jar here - you guys don't really want to look yet. But soon, it will get better, and I'll make a more public beta release that people might actually want to play with. 

Many thanks to Asie for doing most of the heavy lifting these last few nights to get things running after I burnt out.

To volunteer your own sanity to the cause, stop by our irc channel, #extrabiomes on And for those of you who somehow do come into possession of a copy of the 1.7 alpha branch of the mod, please report any issues on Github.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

BiomeDictionary Types

The question has come up of which BiomeDictionary types we're actually registering for everything now. So, in the name of making a really cool chart, I present to you this:

ExtrabiomesXL 3.15.8 - Finally.

I'm sorry about the wait - there's not a lot of good reason why this build wasn't out 2 or 3 weeks ago. But it's here now. Like I promised in April, this is mostly a bunch of bugfixes with a few minor functionality updates. So, without further bumbling apology, the release:

Change Log

  • Redwood logs are once again craftable into planks.
  • Disabling strawberries by setting their block ID to zero no longer ruins everything.
  • Fixed crashing bug that sometimes occurred when flowers failed to generate.
  • Fixed vanilla biome disabling. It should now be possible to reliably turn off: desert, extreme hills, forest, jungle, swampland, taiga, and plains.
  • Strawberry plants now break like any other semi-sturdy block.
    • Right (or left) clicking once will harvest them if they are ripe.
    • Attempting to harvest before they are ready will do nothing.
  • Strawberry plants now identify correctly to Waila.
  • Explicit Forge BiomeDictionary support.
    • We've always had whatever automatic support there is, but now it's official.
  • Removed ATG and New Dawn libraries from the jar file.
    • This means that things shouldn't explode if you are running a newer but otherwise compatible version of either of these world type mods.
    • It also means that the mod is just ever so smaller to download now ;)
  • ALL flowers are now registered with Forestry, not just the original four.
  • Updated Russian localization.
I've tested the ATG/ND changes as much as I am able, but it is entirely possible that I still messed something up there. If you are using either mod and suddenly EBXL gets all wonky on you, please report the issue to us immediately so I can get another patch out.

Future Plans

Unless my tinfoil hat rusts and the aliens find my underground bunker... or you know, there are more bugs to fix, we have every intention of making EBXL4.0 our next release.

And while it will have a lot of changes under the hood, the surface of the mod should be largely familiar - so it will be released for MC1.7, with no backporting of features to MC1.6.

We're saving a lot of the really big updates for 4.1 and the addons...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Still Alive

So, it's apology time. We're way behind on our release schedule and it's about 80% my fault. Even my kids are starting to pester me for an update. We have good excuses including multiple illnesses and ridiculous work schedules - but nobody cares about that.

The main reason things have been taking time is that our work on the 1.7.x release was stalled when we saw some of Mojang's patch notes for 1.8 - that completely invalidated things that Shecky was working on at the moment. And that's kind of demoralizing - knowing we have to make a change... that we will have to undo in the immediate future.

But we're back on top of things and progress on the 1.7 update is moving along nicely - it's still not there but it's coming along. That said, we do have an update for 1.6 in testing. It is primarily a bugfix release but fixes strawberries a bit and should make upgrading to 1.7 easier when that time comes.

Strawberry Behavior Update
My initial strawberry release had things working how Pam's Harvestcraft regrowing crops work. They're nigh indestructible and replant themselves at 50% growth when you harvest their fruit by breaking them. The way you get rid of them is digging the ground out underneath and maybe then breaking the floating plant. It's not the most elegant solution but it's fast and a major food mod uses it.

But it's not what most people expect. So, I've rewritten things to work more like Natura's cotton. Left or right clicking will harvest the crop if it is ready (and won't reset its growth by accident). Holding left click for a few seconds to break the block will break the plant and require you to replant it.

So hopefully this is more useful for everyone.

There are also some minor issues with strawberries and Waila that we will definitely be fixing for the next update.

Right now, the only real outstanding bug is a potential issue reported with newer versions of ATG. We've not had a chance to look into this yet - but we will do so soon and will include any necessary fix in the release if we find one.

So bear with us, we're getting there, it's just taking a bit longer than anyone hoped it would.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Add-ons and Mod Focus

We're kind of awash with ideas and plans here at EBXL headquarters. And it's getting to be a problem. See... we want to provide all of these features, but in so doing we risk damaging the focus of the mod. Eventually every large mod has to choose whether or not to stick to their original plan or go the kitchen sink route and start implementing tangential features that stray further and further from the core.

My strawberries are a good example of this dangerous border territory.

Is it appropriate for a biome mod to provide decorative flowering plants? Of course. Is it appropriate for those plants to also be useful? Absolutely. But how useful? How many systems can they provide before those systems start to get in the way of what was previously largely aesthetic?

It doesn't make sense not to provide edible plants here and there... but it also doesn't make sense to inundate the player with 30 new types of fruit and a system for mixing custom beverages out of them. Strawberries themselves are appropriate for inclusion in the mod, but certain features that I wanted to implement with them were not.

But I AM going to write those features. And I'm going to write lettuce, onions, and tomatoes too... I'm just not putting them all in EBXL Core.

When we release our 1.7.x build of the mod, we will be introducing the concept of official EBXL add-ons. These will be mods developed by the team that implement things that we want to see but also realize that some people may not - so we aren't going to force them on you. The main mod will continue to provide all of the functionality that it traditionally has - but it will also serve as a launching point for any add-on mods that we release.

In general, these add-on mods will be released separately from the main mod, and should maintain compatibility with a number of EBXL Core versions. Add-ons will also typically increase the complexity and difficulty level of the world in various ways.

Right now, we have 2 submods that we're talking about implementing - with numerous other ideas that haven't quite yet been categorized.

Farming Add-on

The first add-on we will release is (for lack of a better name) EBXL Farming. It will eventually grow to be a fully featured food mod with interesting crops and even more interesting ways to use them.

Strawberries will remain in Core, and we will be joined by a handful of other edible wild plants. They will, however, not be farmable. So I will be nerfing Core's wild strawberry plants and removing the seed recipe. Seeds and reliably renewable sources of custom food will go into the add-on. The add-on will also be adding a lot more edible plants that don't fit in the main mod.

Similarly, the chocolate recipe will remain in Core. It's honestly something that Mojang should have implemented themselves in vanilla. But since they didn't, we'll provide the recipe ourselves out of all vanilla components. And we'll continue to provide a recipe for chocolate covered strawberries. But those recipes will just use the vanilla 3x3 crafting grid.

The add-on will introduce new cooking mechanics. This means new machines/tools/etc... that are outside of the scope of the main mod. If you install the add-on, it will optionally disable any vanilla-style cooking recipes that we add to Core in favor of more interesting ones.

If it sounds like I'm being vague, well... maybe I am. The full scope of the farming mod is just a bit too big for this post. I'll go into more detail when the time comes. But one other thing I will mention is that you won't need to run electrical wires from a generator in order to can your strawberry jam. Our machines will remain relatively low tech - no plugs involved.

Fantasy Add-on

The second add-on will be EBXL Fantasy (also for lack of a better name). This is were biomes that don't exist in the real world will go. Like the old Forgotten Nature (Trees++) crystal forest. We've not forgotten about it, but crystal trees just don't fit in a mod that tries to base everything on reality.

I have no clue what else might eventually actually go into this add-on, but we've got a laundry list of features that may change the behaviors of existing biomes. Like wasteland. Something will probably happen to it in the fantasy add-on. Probably.

If all goes well, the farming add-on will ship its first public build within hours (or days - but not weeks) of our public 1.7 release candidate. Fantasy is still way out there - we are still just in the planning phase there.

Monday, March 10, 2014

ExtrabiomesXL 3.15.7 - More Bug Fixes/1.7 Update Prep

Just a quick update to get this bug-fix out in the wild. There is a little under the hood prep work for making the transition between 1.6 and 1.7 that will cause MC to complain again about blocks being changed but it should not cause any issues.

Download ExtrabiomesXL 3.15.7

Change Log

Bug Fix:
  • Sakura Log side texture is the correct size once more so that it no longer shows up as a missing texture.
  • Fixed and NPE while generating Large Fir Trees.

  • Updated some of the internal block references to make them compatible with the new 1.7 versions.